An essayistic dream journey.

Melancholic girl Mia grows up in an idyllic family winery. Taken over by imagatination and dreams, late ancestors appear to her. As a teenage punk she is again confronted with her origins in a spiral of memories and visions.


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In the middle of the southern Styrian wine country, the little girl Mia grows up in the idyll of the family winery. She is a melancholic child, and is completely taken over by her dreams and her fantasy world. In her imagination, late ancestors of the family household appear to her. Growing older comes suddenly and in puberty she’s a rebellious punk who has a hard time finding her way. The dream images are still strongly influential to her and Mia is once again confronted with her origins in a spiral of memories and visions.


Director, Script & Animation: Eva Maria Dreisiebner
Producer: Shirin Hooshmandi
Character Design & Rig: David Tschmuck
Sound Design: Philipp Feichtinger
Color Grading & DCP: Michael Seidl
Assisting Dramatist: Kerstin Neuwirth
Title Design & Poster: Viktoria Angyal


City of Linz / City of Graz / Region of Upper Austria / Region of Styria / Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport


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Hi, I am Eva Maria Dreisiebner. I am a Film producer, Animator & Artist:
With my enthusiasm for rhythm and movement I bring stories to life!
My great sense for visual rhythm, the right flow, but also the important interplay with sound characterize my focus best, as well as the urge to experiment with the technical realization.


A professional know-how from traditional animation and my background in filmmaking, photography and media design benefits the quality and coherence in my digital works, with new techniques and possibilities coming up every day, waiting to be implemented next.
Currently I work mainly but not exclusively in 2D. I am looking forward to your request!

Information about my newest production WEINKIND is continuously being updated on this page, as well as everything about 777ANIMATION. You’re welcome to check out my portfolio blog as well, where you find other artworks, cultural projects, more animations as well as commission work at www.eva777.at !


Creative, flexible, real & virtual. Let‘s meet, write, or chat!
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