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Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views

Experimental Animation | 2’36” | 2019

Lost in Fragments – Dystopian Views is an experimental animated film of two and a half minutes length, combining handpainted animation with 3D-renderings in a digital compositing. The film is based on the story of a young woman, Heka, who seems to live alone in a former, now empty youth home in a dystopian city. She tries to escape from her desolate environment by using contact lenses which create virtual reality. A character appears in her perception, like a memory, perhaps her lost sister, perhaps another ver­sion of herself, or just an avatar, and yet it disappears again.
But the lenses function only conditionally, and thus not only the figure disap­pears, but also the border between the real environment and the virtual reality be­comes blurred. Heka can no longer orientate herself and it remains unclear whether she is not even part of this software herself.

Written, produced, directed and animated by Eva Maria Dreisiebner
Sound: Sun Li Lian Obwegeser

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